Beginner Bodyweight Workout

Bodyweight workouts are more useful than ever during Covid-times, and the beginner bodyweight workout posted below will help guide you to build foundational strength in the core, shoulders, and legs. Bodyweight workouts mean that you use your own body weight as the resistance you are working with, rather than weights or specific equipment, and there are a number of benefits you get from doing them. … Continue reading Beginner Bodyweight Workout

Quarantine Baking: Banana Bread

Quarantine baking means that our grandparents recipes are making a resurgence. Banana Bread is one of the most searched for recipes of Covid-19 times, and it’s easy to see why. It comes in many forms, it’s pretty foolproof to make, it uses up ugly fruit, and it makes excellent French Toast. You can add almost anything to the basic recipe and it will be delicious. … Continue reading Quarantine Baking: Banana Bread

Introducing #SelfCare

#SelfCare app is an application with the flavor of a video game designed by TRU LUV. The creative team of designers for this game has a unique approach to developing mobile games. Usually, video games aim to increase the stress level of the users. However, TRU LUV, by designing #SelfCare, seeks to help the users have meditative experience while interacting with different features of the … Continue reading Introducing #SelfCare

5-minute meditation “Exhale Stress”

Published by the Shine App and featured as part of their Calm for Covid-19 series, this 5-minute meditation is called “Exhale Stress” and it will help guide you into releasing some of the tension you might be walking around with. Exhale Stress – Shine Meditation Once you have listened to this a few times you will be able to re-create it on your own. When … Continue reading 5-minute meditation “Exhale Stress”

Using Meditation to Manage Stress

Meditation can be one of the most powerful and simple ways to manage stress. It can be done anywhere, requires no equipment, and has been used for centuries. Some reasons why mindfulness meditation is so important four our wellbeing can be found here. Meditation is the opposite of the stress response – when you meditate your brain and body enter a state of calm and … Continue reading Using Meditation to Manage Stress